April 25th - July 18th, 2015
opening reception: Friday, April 24th, 2015, 6-9 p.m. 


Under the title PERSPEKTIVE, Jarmuschek+Partner gallery presents photographies by Albrecht von Alvensleben, Elmar Haardt and Franziska Stünkel from April 25th. All the three artistic positions share a surprising view onto familiar, almost ordinary appearing motives in a tense relationship of description and abstracton. Through their pictorial language the banality, the fast-moving nature and also the constuction of social spaces is revealed - in an unusual perspective on modern, but absurdly seeming architecture, in the disenchanting exploration of magically appearing pictorial realities and the creation of atmospherical urban landscapes or in the complexity of several occurences in a single moment, that can only be captured jointly in a reflection. With their camera, all three artists create documents of their time, that go far beyond the mere documentation. They show artistically new perspectives on the city, which are steadily existent, but often concealed for the human eye.